Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Life in Seattle

It's been a cold, but sunny and dry winter here in the Great North West. This year reminds me so much of TO. Home sweet home, we haven't been back in over a year! That's nuts, I need to see Carlos, eat some California Sandwiches, 369, Randy's, Johnny's and hmm ... sad, but I've been forgetting some my favourites. Definitely soon, when it gets warmer :)

We really miss everyone back home too... Sunday night dinners @ mom's house, walks with daddy, pool get togethers, all the kids and new babies to meet, poker night, birthday's at Yang's, Pacific mall DVD runs. Dreading that I'm going to miss Jerry's big bash. We love you Jerry, you still look like your 25... and since you've already found love, I'll wish you lots of $$$ and bling, you deserve it!

It really is hard keeping in touch with everyone, so my latest thoughts (very rare to come by these days) and pictures will be here for anyone interested in knowing the latest and greatest about us. Please leave comments so I know I'm not just blogging to cyberspace.

We've had some great family days...Peter finally took a couple of long overdue Saturdays off. We trekked downtown with the kiddos on the 14th for Vday. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle ... I think everyone was downtown, or maybe I just haven't been on a weekend in a while. Funny, I'm so caught up in my own little mommy world time and the average slow pace of the westcoast that crowds and traffic just really annoy me. Don't think I could survive back home anymore, haha! We visited a ton of places outside of our usual comfort zone, and topped off the evening with fine fusion It's some trendy/hip place that we just walked into. When we told people we went to Wild Ginger, they all squawked "with the kids?!". I thought the service was great and it was very kid friendly, mind you, we definitely didn't get a window view, but hey, the kids were happy...we were happy. We skipped the live band at the Triple Door. Instead, Pierson wanted to ride the Monorail from downtown to the Space Needle. We met the coolest driver named Abrahim and he let us ride that night 10 times back and forth, each time letting us run all the way to the front of the train (before he let people onboard) so he could sit up front and 'help' him drive. We had a ball!

May was visiting last week and we miss her so much already! Pierson's already asking when auntie is coming back...who's gonna give him a bath, read him books, sleep in his big bed??? Why does 'ah yee' have to go home? Looking forward to having Jenny and mom finally come visit this summer, hopefully dad will decide to come too.

I'm exhausted... recovering from any type of excitement outside our normal schedule takes a long time now. Might be the kids, but probably just old age. Took Tyssen in for his first 'pro' haircut, but cheaped out and didn't go to the Kidz Kuts I usually take Pierson for $25... you get what you pay for, his hair if just butchered, but luckily it looked ok from the front and I decided to do portraits for the kids. We'll have to do a reshoot cause the kids were tired, but we did end up with one great shot!